21 dating 35 year old lesbian dating sim game

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21 dating 35 year old

I might - MIGHT - occasionally buy you dinner for sex, but if you're anything like most young adults I would never want to spend 'quality time' hanging out with you. Or an older guy who acts like he's 22 but has the money and things that older guys can often afford?

Other than being the same species and speaking the same language, maybe a few similar entertainment choices, I can't think of a single thing I'd have in common with a 19 year old, nor her with me.

You said something about should you deny him starting a family. However, you need to be honest and up front with him and tell him you do not want any more kids.

Than it's up to him to decided whether he wants to go down that road or not since it's his life.

It may work for one couple and may not work for another couple. I had a crush on a 20 year old and i still have feelings for him, wish i woulda said something a year ago when he wasn't dating anyone but oh well. Age itself is not a factor on whether the relationship will end or not.

It's the other things like common interest, communication, sex, religion etc.

15 or 16 years isnt that big a gap right now, but that gap will seem much larger in the future. It's 20 years later and she has two kids and is one of the happiest people around. :)21 year old guy...Wow I am in my 20s and MANY guys in their early 20s are very inmature. And at that age, are they really going to be ready to settle down with you and your kids??My ex girlfriend turned 26 this spring (I'll be 42 soon), we had a great time together, loved every minute of the year we were together, we are still good friends and I wouldnt have traded that year away for anything.She has moved on to another relationship and I'm looking to. Don't get so hung up in the ‘what ifs’ that you miss the good times that could be had. Don’t let other people dictate your life, because once that starts happening you lose out, in more ways than one.Suspicious might be a strong word, but dating a girl who is 15 years younger is indicative of something strange going on.It's not such a big deal if the girl is 30, and the guy is 45, but if the girls is 19? While I'm not dating now, in my late 30s through 40s, most of the women I dated were significantly younger than I was -- biggest spread being 23 years (she was 22, I was 45.) It wasn't that I was chasing younger women, it was just they were simply far easier/more open to dating (something I never expected that surprised me when I got older) than women near my age.

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After all, when he reaches your current age you will be 51...much will you have in common then? He just hit the prime of his life, and most will figure that out and go crazy.

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