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Gore consistently trails in the polls against a Republiuin rival, . %^laybe I’ve done that tohiglttil)l V' rhi' ]j-«isidency is more than a jupularity’Sbmest. Sometimes, you have to (Jioose to do what’s difficult or unpopular," he said. .2 Comics 7 1 Idaho/West .4-6 Nation 7-8 World 8 Section Section C Money 1-3 Week End ..1-8 Classined .4-20. SS( ing to Angela Williams, _ , the mother of Hailey to OKI Williams, and a gallery the mrl of relatives wailing to hear his sentence.

A portion of the ^uth Canyon Road washed out in a flood in 1995. Thrush also told Mcehl he was sorry for the controversy surround- ing the case, especially criticism directed at Mcehl.

The copvcndon hall was awash in blue-and-while Gore pennants More on politics - AS and flags.

Gore waded through the thousands of delegates - bar- rel-chested in an open suit coat, both arms upraised, slapping high fives. ” as, in a 51-minute speech he insisted he wrote himself, their choice for president touched on their favorite issues, from cam- . At the end, Gore and his family were Joined by running mate Joe Lieberman and his family, as metallic confetti and balloons rained down. Even as he drew adulation from a hull packed with adoring Dcmocnits, Gore acknowledged up front his dry reputation. \ know that sometimes people say I'm too serious, that 1 talk too inuch substance oiid 'policy. 1 mw By Mark Heinz Times-News writer TWIN FALLS - Facing the mother of the 2-year-old girl he pleaded guilty to killing, Jesse Thrush said he would use his freedom to ensure the child’s death from shaken-baby syn- ‘ drome wouldn’t be in memory vain. memory strong in our hearts, and maybe save irur\M s(i\ the lives of other chil- of otht TC dren," Thrush said in court Thursday, speak- — Jc.

The Justice Department sued the county, accusing it of trespass- ing and violating the Cleon Water and Endangered Species acts. Z Those talks produced a pro- posed agreement that would allow the road to be rebuilt only if studies concluded it can be done without harming the fish or caus- ing other environmental damage. Angela Williams' and memben of Thrush’s family did not address the court Thursday, and declined to comment after the sentencing.

The deal also would absolve the county of fines that could run into the millions of dollars. Attorney Kathryn Londrcih of Las Vegas said in ^ motion ^e was serving notice to Hagen that the government “intends to undertake the process ... Daniel Wulock, cireulotlon director ^ Circulation phone lines arc open charge wilt he levied for all between 7 nnd 10 o.m. If you .'Fl Mfpe^checki., do not receive your puper by 7 a. Times-News writer Mark Heinz can be reached at 733-093 J, ext.

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Democrats, at their national convention in New York wore T-shirts proclaiming “George Bush’s around-the-worjd- tour,” which listed all the coun- ' tries Bush had visited.

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