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Everyone has heard of Ashley Madison, the website for married people to have an affair with other married people.Sadly, that is only the beginning, and when it comes to online dating, things get much, much weirder than people cheating.and there are enough of them to make this dating site successful.And by zombie, I mean humans who think they are zombies, or perhaps even more disturbing, enjoy pretending they are.There is clowndating.com, clownpassions.com, boohiccup.com, and more, all aimed at bringing together those among us who are "clowns, clown wannabes, or clown lovers." Because apparently, behind all the makeup and red noses, are lonely hearts.Apparently, there are enough zombies roaming around out there that zombie dating sites are a thing...

A furry is, by definition, "an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in a costume such as a character or uses one in an avatar online".

If you are one of the many people out there who get freaked out by clowns, perhaps you can rest assured that maybe clowns like to stick to their own kind (by the way, the fear of clowns is officially called coulrophobia). These clowns on this website look friendly enough, but there are undoubtedly the scary kind lurking around these websites, too.

And there are a surprising number of dating websites reserved specifically for clowns, if you can believe it.

is "100% free zombie dating and social networking for zombies and zombie lovers." Many of their members look like serial killers, but never mind that.

These souls searching for love can connect with one another in this so-called "zombie community".

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They are creepy for various reasons, but all are creepy nonetheless.

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