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All investigations are made with confidentiality by our investigators and detectives.Our finder may help you in cases of: crime, fraud, and criminal investigations.For last 1 year several Internet sites have been created with the same or very similar names, who pretend to be our company. We have dealings with many different types of clients .You may read about the type of clients that usually require our services.We also consider classified investigations concerning family records, genealogy and background investigations.We cooperate and have connections with other genealogists, private detectives, detective agencies, investigators, spies and telephone companies.They are specialized in tracing and detection of women from dating agencies, quests and inquiries.

Our researchers may help you in cases of: crime, fraud and other criminal investigations. If anyone I know needs a detective in Eastern Europe, I will refer them to you. I was unsure, however, of our relationship because questions of her past history, honesty, and integrity began to give me doubts as to whether to continue the relationship and consider possible marriage. I am grateful and very satisfied with their services and I would recommend them to anyone needing help. So I want to say thank you for all your good, honest and hard work.

Please, click Our company is really the first in UKRAINE and RUSSIA, that has begun providing detective services by means of the Internet since 2001.

If you are seeking sites with online "people search" or instant "find people" functions, there are no any reliable Ukrainian or Russian official public records in the Internet yet.

Our detectives will do the manual quick information search for you.

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