Accomadating resistance

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Accomadating resistance

Steroids are available in most gyms via the black market, but it is very danger-ous to use such unknown substances to increase muscle mass.Anabolic Steroid - Synthetic chemical that mimics the muscle-building characteris-tics of the male hormone testosterone.

Anaerobic exercise eventually builds up a significant oxygen debt that forces an athlete to terminate the exercise session rather quickly.

Atrophy - Withering away - decrease in size and functional ability of tissue or organs.

Baby's Butt - Indentation between the two heads of biceps muscles of very muscular athlete.

Androgenic Drugs - Androgenics are drugs that simulate the effects of the male hormone testosterone in the human body.

Androgens do build a degree of strength and muscle mass, but they also stimulate secondary sex characteristics such as increased body hair, a deepened voice, and high levels of aggression.

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