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But for a relationship to work, it is not just Sun/Sun contacts that are important, but the total fit between your chart and his -- not to mention all the extra-astrological factors such as culture, background, values, interests, age, degree of willingness to be in a relationship.

Aquarius can awaken rather blinkered Taurus to a more communal and global vision.

With the Water signs, Taurus brings to maternal Cancer safe and secure emotional and domestic foundations; offers to emotional and intense Scorpio an anchor in the immediate here and now simplicity of nature; gives to Pisces a personal shape and container for its intangible, complex feelings and psychic impressions.

On the other hand, sensitive Cancer opens the sympathetic and nurturing feelings of matter-of-fact Taurus; powerful and passionate Scorpio can awaken complacent Taurus to hidden and repressed dimensions; Pisces can soften and release Taurus from its rather self enclosing boundaries.

Top of Page The fiery energy of Aries pushes itself forcefully forward projecting itself in new and exciting directions, restless, youthful, alive, spontaneous and eager.

In relationship, the sign is unconstrained, ingenuously direct, and frank.

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Fire and Earth is a combination which at best can really get things accomplished.

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