Alina kenya dating

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Alina kenya dating

The way in which you lay out the information is up to you. Any referees that are submitted to us within a submission document, rather than within a referee spreadsheet template, will not be contacted by us.

Referee spreadsheet template can be found on the same page as the submissions guidelines for each of the Legal 500 guides.

We will contact all referees with a working email address (primary contact is via email).Please go to to view the process for requesting historical data (we only provide the rankings for our current guides online).Only firms that purchase a profile with us will have a microsite (a page in which all of their rankings and editorials can be accessed together).If you feel strongly that you want a follow-up interview, then you should (once the submission deadline has passed) email the relevant researcher to request one.The Legal 500 will only reveal rankings upon the specified date of publication for each guide.

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