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Supported by experimental results, we eventually show how explicit knowledge management, both symbolic and geometric, proves to be instrumental to richer and more natural human–robot interactions by pushing for pervasive, human-level semantics within the robot's deliberative system.In cognitive psychology and neuroscience, spatial memory is that part of the memory responsible for the recording of information about one's environment and spatial orientation.

For instance, the ability to work on a complicated mathematical problem utilizes one's working memory.

The researchers concluded with the explanation that the central executive employs cognitive strategies enabling participants to both encode and maintain mental representations during short-term memory tasks.

Spatial memory recall is built upon a hierarchical structure.

Axial lines aid everyone in apportioning our perceptions into regions.

This parceled world idea is further supported items by the finding that items that get recalled together are more likely than not to also be clustered within the same region of one's larger cognitive map.

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Mc Namara, Hardy and Hirtle identified region membership as a major building block of anyone's cognitive map (1989).