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Anita marks dating

When Anita was 10, her father remarried after her mother's death to Judith, whom Anita often clashed with over her powers and differences.Anita could 'see' ghosts, and raised her dead pet dog and even road kill, to her, her father and step-mothers dismay.

During this book Anita also contracts several strains of lycanthropy after being injured by a wereleopard and Chimera, the split personality of Orlando King, a lycanthrope hunter.In the short story "Dancing" she describes herself as being 5'3 inches tall, as well as in Laughing Corpse, Ch. Blake is known to be carrying between four and five strains of the lycanthropy virus.As of Affliction, Anita carries wolf, leopard, lion, hyena, as well as several different colors of tiger.During college she raised a professor who had killed himself-her roommate moved out the next day.Anita majored in preternatural biology and became engaged to a fellow student, who later broke off the engagement due to his parents disapproving of him dating a Mexican woman. This would cause Anita to remain celibate for much of the initial books in the series (until The Killing Dance) After graduation Anita was recruited by Bert Vaughn to join Animators, Inc.

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This makes it impossible for Anita to separate herself from Richard or Jean-Claude, which is further exacerbated when Anita breaks her engagement with Richard and becomes Jean-Claude's lover after watching Richard eat Marcus and transform into his wolf form.