Are a trak and kid sister still dating

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Are a trak and kid sister still dating

It's all Baltimore Club remixes of funky 70s jams from the likes of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Jimmy Castor Bunch and more.

DJ Too Tuff - The Wreckshop Mix (Look for the Buy Now button under About DJ TOO TUFF on the right side) Listen: Cosmo wrote a page in Wax Poetics about a Tuff Crew 12" about a year and a half ago and their DJ, Too Tuff, got in touch with him and came to see us play with A-Trak in Philly. Dude was a really innovative DJ in the 80s and this mixtape, made in 2007 but featuring mostly raer hip-hop from the late 80s / early 90s, is fucking phenomenal.

Neighborhood Romeo EP Listen: is an EP of Disco edits by Smalltown Romeo aka Wax Romeo aka Neighborhood Romeo and it's on some Metro Area 2007 shit, sort of reminds me of some of the stuff Eli is doing.Scott Furkay took pictures of Tittsworth, Ayres, Wax Romeo and Smalltown DJs in Calgary.And here are all the pictures from the tour in one place.Especially because, as Max said, Big L was a genuinely good person on top of being a great artist. Most DJs then weren't putting that much work in on mixtapes.I assume this was recorded with a digital hard disc recorder and not a computer - I don't think many DJs were using Pro Tools to record mixes yet since most computers didn't really have enough memory.

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The Rub is doing Fabric in July, which has been a goal for a really long time.

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