Atlanta dating female georgia

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You might think you’re in love with her, but her ultimate goal is to destroy you (emotionally) and leave your life in ruins.

The female narcissist’s house features an abundance of mirrors and photos of herself.Her female friends serve only to boost her ego and to make her feel superior.If you are friends with a narcissist, you are an object to her — a mirror that she holds up to see a reflection of herself in.There is only one way to deal with a narcissist: LEAVE. Men (and women), educate yourselves so you don’t fall victim to a money economics economy commodities trade trading stocks communication communications public relations pr marketing promotion taxes tax taxation account accounting accountant budget wall street gordon gekko forensic accounting Aldi Foods, Inc.

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Some narcissistic females can be heterosexual one minute or lesbian the next. Whatever role she has to play to snag her target, she will play it to perfection.