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Kroger is one of the largest companies in America making billions.

A customer should not have to retrieve their own carts from the parking lot paying the prices we do for groceries. I was tardy twice, but the third time I was tardy was not my fault.

Kroger was the son of a grocer and his motto was simple “Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy for yourself.” Soon, Kroger was experimenting with different products, such as baked goods, so customers wouldn’t have to go to the baker.

Kroger opened their first convenience store in Blacklick, Ohio, called Fresh Eats MKT. Answer 3: Kroger was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883.

Each location will offer a Starbucks, as well as a Kroger Pharmacy. Tagged as: kroger complaint desk, kroger corporate, kroger corporate email address, kroger corporate office, kroger corporate office fax number, kroger corporate office phone number, kroger customer complaints, kroger headquarters, kroger headquarters address, kroger main office, kroger main office address This complaint is on the store at 4501 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY.

She told me they use a “good sanitizer.” I asked her if she thought it was appropriate to be using cleaner while cleaning a dirty slicer then turn around and touch someone’s food without putting clean gloves on.

She says to me “I only cleaned that one slicer with these gloves on.” That basically tells me that she thought it was ok to not change her gloves.

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I found out today that they can follow the walmart$4.00 list for meds. Apparantly you have made the same mistake other businessess have made and allowed your politics to seep into your customer base.