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Blake shelton dating

Yet for what's it worth, Gwen seems happy or at least not unhappy.

And I can understand prioritizing being happy over being cool, especially after years of social and romantic turbulence.

And then there were all the infidelity rumors that allegedly ended their marriage, but this may have started back when they were dating. And though wedding bells aren't ringing yet, she's surely getting an easier life now dating her boring sometimes co-worker on a reality TV competition show. Sometimes, with Gwen, it feels like watching your most vibrant, rebellious teenage friend —the one who came to school picture day with a mohawk in sophomore year and never looked back — become a steady stream of gooey Instagram posts.

In 2010, Hole frontwoman Courtney Love claimed she bedded Gavin Rossdale for a time in the '90s. We didn't have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit." So yeah, we can understand that Gwen and Blake (who had his own alleged infidelity issues with ex-wife Miranda) would double-rebound. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Look, she literally has a smash hit song, "Simple Kind of Life," that details her desire to settle down, to be married to a simple man. Like these grainy declarations of love to some burly hick she met on a freak trip to Walmart after graduating art school.

And on Gwen's end, we're questioning her priorities.

When Howard Stern pressed that Courtney was sleeping with him, she said, "Everyone … Other times, I feel like Gwen is my worst fears realized, that if I get too invested in a relationship, I'll cease to be the person I've grown to love.

That with relationships comes creative sacrifices, disgusting social media posts, nude lipstick, which I already know is not a flattering shade for me.

But we're also not into the whole "being a girlfriend on tour." You're Gwen Stefani. All of that I can maybe attribute to the cruel passage and time. In spite of this, we can't combat two important facts.

Can't you upgrade from being just another girlfriend? But her relationship with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, well, that just gave her a lot of grief.

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