Bogus dating sites speed dating los angeles pasadena

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Bogus dating sites

If you are disabled, you get in free, once verified over the phone.

This is done to make sure there are no scammers signed up. There are a few that have cognitive problems and therefore may need to be protected from predatory people, and therefore the owner will step in and remove a person if they are being abusive to another member.

So please try it out for yourself, it won't cost you anything, and you might just like it.They're mean, abusive and do everything they can to humiliate people there.Louise and her cronies are a bunch of bullies and I hope her site gets shut down!!!The site has a good chat room and has a radio station that goes with the site, and it is a nice place to hang out and talk, while listening to a variety of music.The owner can be very busy, so having some patience when talking to her in chat, would be best.

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i can not believe how abusive and rude they all are. they were the meanest group of people i have ever encountered! Soulful Encounters is the worst site that I've ever been on.

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