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She said that Pagtakhan also spent a year harassing a female Illinois wrestler associated with the studio by the name of “Ms Chif” (pronounced “mischief”).

Prosecutors have charged Pagtakhan with 14 counts of stalking and three counts of felony threats.

Fans blamed Berman and Braga for running what we held so dear into the ground.

Next was Braga, and I decided to do something that I had not planned to do: apologize.

I told him how, during his time working on VOY and ENT, I was one of the many who had vilified him.

I told him that I felt terrible for being one of the cacophony of voices on the internet who had blamed him for everything, and that it made me feel terrible looking back on my behavior.

I thanked him for his involvement in the Trek franchise, and pointed out that he had so much to be proud of.

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Pagtakhan, who remains in custody in lieu of $800,000 bail, could face up to 13 years in prison if convicted of the 14 new charges against him.