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) and Indiana (America's basketball capital at the time) and so there were times when I would not even log a minute of playing time, much less score a point.

One game () we were playing the Houston Cougars and I just happened (see Ru 2:3-note on God's providence) to log some playing time and scored a bucket or two.

By God's grace and the enablement of His Spirit, humanly speaking, is a solo project.

I had dated a few girls at UT but basically spent most of my time "dating" the books to keep my grade point average high.

So in the Spring of 1969, my mind was already contemplating the excitement of the first year of medical school and I had no desire whatsoever to date a girl seriously much less get married.

To this day I cannot explain how we were able to avoid what would surely have been a head on, fatal impact with that big "semi" (cp Ps 34:7-note). This simple truth/aphorism has become one of God's most frequent reminders of my weakness and His all sufficient grace now that I am in Christ and even before I was safe in Christ! He is infinitely, eternally, omnipotently sovereign and in His perfect omniscience He knew before the foundation of the world (Ep 1:4-note, cp 2Ti 1:9NLT-note) the plan of salvation He had laid out for both my mother and myself (cp Ep -note).

On another occasion I was literally drowning under the weight of water pouring through a small opening in a dam on the Guadalupe River in central Texas, the weight of the onrushing water being so heavy that it prevented me from standing until someone saw my hand project out of the water and pulled me aside (cp Ps 69:1NLT-note, Ps 69:2NLT-note), in effect me from almost certain drowning (Ps -note).

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My Father's provision of physical salvation beautifully foreshadowed the spiritual salvation I would experience almost 30 years later when, at just the right time, when I was "drowning" spiritually, God's hand reached down (Isa 59:1, 50:2) and me from eternal death and unto eternal life (Col NLT-note;see also word study of the great Greek verb for rescue = rhuomai).

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