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Cam dating intern bones

Season 5, Episode 10December 10, 2009Brennan and Booth investigate the motive of a failed bank robbery that ended with a man dressed as Santa Claus blowing himself up.

Meanwhile, Booth's brother returns from traveling with shocking news.Season 5, Episode 5October 15, 2009The discovery of an Egyptian mummy missing from an exhibition precedes the murder of the Jeffersonian curator in charge; Brennan goes on a date with Booth's boss; Sweets' girlfriend (Carla Gallo) returns to the lab.Season 5, Episode 6November 5, 2009When the remains of an heir to a controversial chicken farm turn up on a riverbank, a murder suspect may be found in the deceased's long list of enemies, including animal-rights activists and disgruntled neighbors.Season 5, Episode 9December 3, 2009Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a competitive gamer whose success and business partnerships earned him plenty of admirers---but also lots of enemies.Meanwhile, Hodgins, Sweets and intern Colin Fisher camp out for movie tickets ahead of its premiere.

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