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Chat with mommies for adult babies

For instance, I am not so much into the soothing, nurturing style of baby treatment, but mention of snivelling wimps and humiliation on your strict page does appeal to me.Is it possible to be totally ridiculed through nappy domination. Actually, I keep a collection of teddies in my bedroom and sometimes, when I am feeling lonely,`take one to bed for a cuddle.Two babies rattles as well mummy with little mirrors in them if possible so you're baby Poppy is able to see what a good baby girl she is Love & Hugs Mummy Stephanie Hello Stephanie I write as a shy 48 year old who is married!I have always dreamt of being back in time to be able to dress as an adult baby with soft and understanding mummy.I really am in need of mummy taking charge of a naughty toddler - been up to all sorts - drawing on walls, cleaning the loo with daddies toothbrush then trying to flush the cat!Only fair to warn you though, I'm 56, greying somewhat, and carrying a few extra pounds although not really overweight. If when we meet however, you feel that you would rather not entertain me, please save my feelings with some excuse.buys her stuff in charity shops, and these falsies when new could have easily set me back around £500.00 quid for a pair!I had originally received my pair of 'way out of their sell by date puddings' from another transsexual called "Annabel", and they were showing signs of splitting even then to the extent now of becoming goowey I am would really like to be turned into a tiny baby maybe force fed or punished for not wetting my nappy fast enough for mummy maybe a humiliated by mummy and generally treated like a baby is this something that would be possible?

my firstborn & son Jack is the sweetest, most generous, most caring, most creative & the smartest boy i know .

Mummy will start by taking off your 'real time' clothes and dressing you in your rompers nappy and bonnet for some playtime.

Mummy will then give you a nice warm bath with some baby bubble bath and your rubber duckies. Once dried and powdered Mummy will then put you into your nappy & ' Jim-jams' then give you some eggy-weggy with soldiers Then you can have a nice bottle of milky-wilky As yet, no fire flood or famine in sight, so as promised, can I verify our appointment for Tuesday 27th at around 10.30am in the morning if this is still okay with you!

I never realized this could be a possibility until I found your web site.

I also love wearing panties under my outer cloths but my wife would certainly freak at that and even worsemy writing to you...

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- Such as...."I have to visit my sick aunty in hospital"You never know, I might even believe you!

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