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Můžete také nahrát Váš obrázek přímo z Vaší webkamery: pouze následujte instrukce na obrazovce na stránce Vaší galerie.My anmar /Burmese-English-Czech, Engl ish-Myanmar /Burmese-Czech, Czech-My anmar /Burmese-English Students f Dictionary First Edition ven . It should be available in Star Dict dictionary (program) as a downloadable and freely distributable database, as online dictionary and also as a PDF. qoqc 00^00 ere opoo: opoooo Gcoooqj^oaooococoooooapoogs G|op|£[oq6looo Sii ;own (oneself): (They) can talk following ( ~ "having followed") the side ( ~ group of speakers), which (they) themselves agree with (and) like.;sam: Mohou mluvit nasledujice (tu) stranu ( ~ skupinu mluvcich), se kterou sami souhlasi (a) kterou maji radi.;pol. o^o S: o^o Sg Soo^ [y^cgosd6)coa5n;own: (He) returned ("to own") home.;svuj: Vratil se ("do sveho") domu.;p.s. o^o S: o^o Ss So Scjooliiiown, (my): Here's (my) own house. o^o S: o£cpso^o S Q£qpscoooo£cocoii;oneself: What do you think 21 about yourself? ;lecit: Coby doktor, mel by lecit nemocne lidi.; opcq;ten million;deset milionu;num. opco£: opoo£^£ oooccjjo Si^o Goo6Gcso^coo Sii;bed: Immediately at the bed, (there is) carpet. class.): next animal;zvife (citatel): dalsi zvife; gooo£s: 0000000s G^pom o36Gooo£scoodn;good: (Your) Burmese ("language talking") is ("just") very good! goooc: oocogoooc ^soo S^sgooo clo^33cooo6l ^s Gosooon;guy: Hey guy, if (you) steal, while stealing steal more for us (also), friend. gooo£sgcoo: gox£sgcgo ^^.o Sofiso Vgood: Good morning. sooq: qoo Sco^ oooosopscogii difficult, be: difficult words;obtizny, be: obtizna slova;pl. oo Ss: aoo G[opcr5s^Gooo G^Gp(G|)^ o 330go5 so Sdc^c Slii;difficult: Because it is difficult to find a place. ssooooop6;f latter (fawningly, "do 1 fawningly°");lichotit (podlezave, "delat 1 podlezave°"); T 3£G|cooii;friend, be: Though not (even) hoping, (I) was permitted to be (your) friend. os|ossjj§c Ss: 3G|6s£jj^o Ss^,i S;tomato: tomato sauce;rajce: rajcatova omacka;n. Though most of the users may not understand the Czech part of the terms herein, I decided not to remove it, as it may happen, that certain Czech people may have the intention of studying this magnificent language, and secondly, because certain Burmese students (who stay in Czech Republic) may like to use the dictionary to help them in studying Czech language. aj o5^©'[cp ooj^sooojoscooo Igoii satisfied ("rich"): May both of your body (and) mind be healthy and satisfied. The special aspect of this dictionary is not only, that it is trilingual (and includes third language, Czech), but especially the fact, that it tries to be helpful mainly for students. s|ji S|^o5;love, be in ("love (and) like");zamilovany, byt ("milovat (a) mit-rad"); T syi S^o S: 33t|[so30s^£ 33t|[scooso^ a i |£|o^o5G$[oqooo Sii ;love, be in: The man and woman are in love.;zamilovany, byt: (Ten) muz a (ta) zena jsou zamilovani.;cont. Certain difficult words are given pronunciation in roman script according to a new system created by ven. Buddhist terms are included with their Pali original form and the Pali word is translated again in English to help the student understand origin of the particular word. o5d^ Gooooqpsooocof&s osooo^ o^s«330go S 33^spo St|pscoo Sii;like: Woman is to man very dangerous, like fire, man also is like fire, very dangerous to woman. phvile: Navstivil jsem (tohle misto) pouze na chvili, ("opravdu").;col. snnsnn;again and again ("moment, moment") ° often ° repeatedly ("moment, moment") ;casto ° znovu a znovu ("moment, moment") ° opakovane ("moment, moment") ;adv. Q|o;aggregates, five (of body, feelings, perception, conditions and consciousness, which make up a person);skupin, pet (tela, pocitu, vnimani, podminek a vedomi, ktere utvafi osobu);n. syjyo S: g8«33g^]^o syfyco^coo Siipush: There is a bush in front of the house. Vznik a system tohoto slovniku XXI Zvlastni vlastnosti strucne: XXI l. The translation of syllables may be mixed so that the syllable translation is comprehensible, and in that case each syllable is numbered to reflect the original order of syllables of each Burmese word. oan: anno 33co^coocoo Gcon;while: (I) have visited (this place) only for a while, ("indeed"). onn: g^oo S^.£ Qnnjy^ 8o5o2s^6looo Sii;while: (I) have an intention to come back for a while next year.;chvile: Mam zamer se pfisti rok na chvili khandha (= aggregates) 3|oo^o S: 3§oo^o Sco£^c\ps;body: whole the body;telo: cele telo; 28 ©|oo^o S: Q§oo^a S33G6Tcj6s;bocly: upper part of the body;telo: horni cast tela; 3|oo^o S: §^|6c^oo c|g Gooooo^6G£[pcs61oo S|OO^o So^ [yooo Sn;body: This picture shows a body with two legs.;telo: Tento obrazek ukazuje telo se dvemi nohami.; Q|oo^o S: GG|ojs|g£sco^ ©|oo^o S330go S Gooo£scoo Sii;body: Swimming is good for body.;telo: Plavani je dobre pro telo.; 3|oo^o S(ooc3ii;room: How many rooms do you want? ;asi: Delka zivota cloveka je ( ~ "trva") asi 80 let.; s^sa Ss: q^ssosg Jg^oo Scjo [y|[oo£s G6lo5^ooo Sii;curtain: behind the curtain (there is) a window;zaclona: za zaclonou je okno; 3^ss8s(oo6;magnificent: a huge house being magnificent like a great palace;grandiozni: obrovsky dum ("jsouci") grandiozni jako obrovsky palac; ooooooop6;flatter (fawningly, "do 1 fawningly°");lichotit (podlezave, "delat 1 podlezave°"); T 3o,p;accept ("accept (and) take") ° believe ("accept (and) take") adopt ("accept (and) take") ° take ("take (and) take");pfijmout ("pfijmout (a) vzit si") ° vefit ("pfijmout (a) vzit si") ° vzit si ("vzit-si (a) vzit-si") ° pfevzit ("prijmout (a) vzit si"); T so^: 353lc[oy6 coo^ [yoo Gociooo Sii;hang up (phone): I am going to hang up phone. ;scvrknout se: Jestli chces byt znovu mala ( ~ mlada), musis se ("znovu") scvrknout.;jk. There was an attempt to analyze each word and translate their syllables in an understandable form, so that student can learn not only the word itself, but also the meaning of the syllables therein. q^s: co Gpss^so^;room: to monk's room;pokoj: do mnichova pokoje (tj. s^; o^ooi Sgoooo S coo Sooosoo ^£qoq£ |o5pooo Sii;around: The life span of a person is around 80 years. sjjo S;belly button ° navel ° cook ° indicates change from verb to a noun of the particular phenomena, event and so on ° chat (by Internet) ;bavit se (po internetu) ° pupek ° vafit ° pupik (CZ col.) ° chatovat (bavit se po internetu) ° znaci zmenu ze slovesa na pod. ("approach 1 , come- close 2 (and) come 3 towards ") ;pfiblizit se k (nekomu, "pfiblizit- se 1 , pfijit-bliz 2 (a) pfijit 3 k°") ° pfijit k (nekomu, "pfiblizit-se 1 , pfijit-bliz 2 (a) pfijit 3 k°") ° pfistoupit k (nekomu, "pfiblizit-se 1 , pfijit-bliz 2 (a) pfijit 3 k°"); T syj Ssooocooi -s8: o^gco Ss Ss^ooocoogcoo o^Gca Sojjip^ c[cpscog5ii;approach: After (he) approached me, I told (it) to him. s|soq|[s: 33o8g30^G|g3o S6ls^£oo5coo S|ys s|soq]|[scog5ii;praise: (He) praised the six supernormal powers. s|;g^oo5; respect, show ("respect (and) elevate") ° respect ("respect (and) elevate") ° exalt ("lift (and) elevate") ° encourage ("lift (and) elevate") ° honor ("lift (and) elevate");respektovat ("respektovat (a) pozvedavat") ° velebit ("pozvednout (a) vyvysit") ° poctit ("pozvednout (a) vyvysit") ° ctit ("respektovat (a) pozvedavat") ° pozvbudit ("pozvednout (a) vyvysit") ; T £jj°[;reduce ° shrink;snizit ° smrstit; T s|j[: o (y^co Ss[j£G|£ |y^£[j°[c^o SGCoii;shrink: If (you) want to be again 32 small, ( ~ young) (you) have to shrink ("again").

6[rejcoo Sii;sew: Sometimes the clothes is made ( ~ "sewn") of wool.;sit: Nekdy je obleceni usito z vlny.; £jj[osjjo S;control ° dominate ° oppress;vest (ovladat) ° ovladat ° utlacovat; T Sjfl OSjjo S: C^33€jj£cji©«| 33Oo So33«j$SG|00 ^«0^ 33fej|st|[So|o S[j[o£jjo Sd61co^ii;oppress: Since that time, indeed, English government in various ways tyrannized (and) oppressed the Myanmars.;utlacovat: Od te doby anglicka vlada ruznymi zpusoby utiskovala (a) utlacovala lid Myanmaru ( ~ "Myanmary").;p.s. cqpndicates emphasis ° defend (one's idea) ° actually ° settle ' pay (settle) ° rebut (one's idea);znaci zdurazneni ° hajit ° obhajit ° zaplatit ° vskutku ° urovnat (zaplatit) ° vyvratit (domnenku atd.);suff. class, for oblong things: two hands (and) two legs;citatel podlouhlych veci: dve ruce (a) dve nohy; G£jp£ss^s;cough, have ("cough (is) bad");kasel, mit ("kasel (je) spatny");l G£jp£ss^s: oji^o G£[p£sco330ss^s G^c^ G^c^ o o GOCo£sojpsn;cough: Because I am so much coughing, (I) am sick ( ~ "life is not good).;kaslat: Protoze hrozne moc kaslu, jsem nemocna ( ~ "zivot neni dobry").;cont. G£[p£ss^s: GOX)£s Gcos G£[p£ss^s G^coo Sii;caugh, have: The boy is coughing. G£jp£ss^s[g£s;cough ("cough (is) bad ");kasel, mit ("kasel (je) spatny ");l G£jpcs;num. Certain terms not well known to Western students are given an explanation. (about inappropriate thinking);spatny, byt: Jsem tak spatna. oo GJ;blame ° scold (sb.) ° laugh at (mock) ° mock ° vituperate;vysmivat se ° nadavat (nekomu) ° hanit ° posmivat se ° obvinovat; T o Sdpjsuch as ° as (such as) ° like (such as);jako tfeba ° tj. ;jako: Zena je pro muze velice nebezpecna, jako ohefi, muz je pro zenu take velice nebezpecny, jako ohefi.; cr5c^ o : 333)0^ 'cco^oop Gol Gpnno'oco^ o5a^ o olooofejps|y6 o S|66lco^n;like.: It can be seen by verses like "tenahu porana" and so on.;jako: Muze to byt videt z versu jako "tenahu porana" a tak dale.;writ. s;strike ° attend on ° attend upon ° wait upon ° fall (on the ground);uhodit ° upadnout (na zem) ° obsluhovat (koho) ° starat se (o) ° posluhovat (komu) ° starat se o;l (or) T o;catch ° enjoy (taste etc.) ° endure (suffering etc.) ° accept;pfijmout ° vychutnat si ° chytnout ° vydrzet (utrpeni |atd.);l (or) T q: £]^[c^sg33o6 op^s GOOofisi clsog Sei [y^Ggc^i ggosg|^oo [§ii;attend on: For great enemy, Koung Baung attended on the town Shwe Bo of five-names, destroying the danger. oan: srocj£ooo Sii;moment, for a: (He) turns (it) on ( ~ "opens") for a moment. snnsnn: g Sooo Sgoj snnsnn oo5ooon;again and again: (I) am again and again dreaming ("dreams"). ©^suddenly ° all of a sudden ° indicates abrupt happening ° abruptlypahle ° neocekavane ° znaci pfekvapeni, neocekavane deni ° z niceho nic;suff. ;kfovi: Pfed domem je kfovi.; Sj][yo5(ooi S^);bush ("bush beats");kfovi ("kfovi mlati");sg.

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The author himself has never been to Burma (Myanmar). The dictionary is without copyright and it can be edited by anybody. o^o S: ojpoo op'o Sop' §gcooo Sgcoo£ c[cp G^coo op'o Soo oooc^ojps Sogos GOXKpcoi^you: (If) she is speaking even like this to you, (then) why would you ("want-to") come to (her)? op'o S: ojppp'o Sap i^syoscoosxpsdj) co£6)coo Sii;oneself: He thinks he is the richest. o^o S(co o Sc^£oop6^£cooco^6)coo Sii;oneself (themselves): In the present life there are also (things) that men cannot do themselves. o^o Sgco6o5ooo: coo^gco6o^ o oqcx Jfejp oo o Scoocoo;oneself;sam;adv. op'o Scoocoo: co|g Dsojp Gogo^ cofi Goscoooocgr^ o^o Saooo30Gcocoo G^coo Sii;oneself: Apart from teaching other people, (he) is studying himself (as well).;sam: Krome toho, ze uci ostatni lidi, (take) se uci sam.;col. so Ss;difficult, be ("(be) difficult (and) hard") ° uneasy, be ("difficult (and) difficult") ° difficult, be ("difficult (and) difficult") ° complicated, byt ("(be) difficult (and) hard") ° arduous, be ("difficult (and) difficult") ;tezky, byt (nesnadny, "(byt) narocny (a) tezky") ° narocny, byt (obtizny, "byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° slozity, byt ("(byt) narocny (a) tezky") ° obtizny, byt ("byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° tezky, byt (obtizny, "byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° nesnadny, byt ("byt-obtizny (a) obtizny") ° nesnadny, byt (nesnadny, "(byt) narocny (a) tezky") ° narocny, byt (nesnadny, "(byt) narocny (a) tezky");l so Sd: so Sdog S [^i Solcoo Sii difficult, be: (It) will be ( ~ become) difficult. o£cpso^;you, to ° you (acc.);tobe ° tebe ° vampron. o^opsps^s Goqpcs(co6Goqpcs);church ("monastery 3 (where) Christian Lord 1 (is) worshipped 2 ") ;kostel ("klaster 3 (kde je) uctivan 2 Pan 1 kfest'anu°");sg.

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