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Christian dating topics of conversation

It’s amazing how we can be married ten, twenty, thirty, forty, or even fifty plus years and still find there is much we don’t know about each other.Some experts say it’s because we’ve lost the art of conversation.– When making decisions, do you put more trust in facts or in feelings? • What do you consider to be your greatest strengths? – What is usually the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about God?

Oh and btw – another great source conversation is to reuse old conversation topics!

I’m thinking about the teeth pooling moments where the awkward silence just takes over the situation, you are just sitting their smiling while desperately in your mind scrambling for something just mildly interesting to say, but you just can think of anything, your mind is totally blank, it terrifying, at this point you can’t even remember your own name.

(Lol, I think we all experienced this at some point.) Finally you hear yourself saying something completely uninteresting, like: And then the conversation dries up once again, the awkward silence start to eat you both up from the inside until one of you can’t stand the social pressure and thus make up some excuse to leave.

They are meant to help you to better understand and know each other.

If the conversation starts to go in a negative direction, stop and start again.

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– If you could have witnessed any biblical event, which one would you choose? – Which strengths in your life bring you the greatest satisfaction? – What is one of the most adventurous things you’ve ever done? – What are five essential values we want our children to embrace above all others? (To obtain more questions you’ll need to obtain the book —which we recommend!

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