Christian singles dating info

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Christian singles dating info

Now I want you to know, the Bible has proven it's validity, and credibility, numerous times over (and continues to do so this very day) while in the process, earning the reputation of being simply infallible.I also want you to know, it's highly recommended for you to use the Bible, as your main source of information, when it comes to learning about God's most precious Word.

So if you do decide to use different Christian resources (like this site for example) remember to use them as an added source, along with your Bible.For I believe, that if these resources are used correctly, they can eventually become valuable Bible study tools, that will help to enhance your biblical learning experience, when it comes to the greatest love letter, that has ever been written to humanity, the Bible.Now when I sat down and decided to create Christian Resources Today -- I did it, so that I could join in the effort of trying to help fill the tremendous void, when it comes to providing an online, reliable Biblical information resource that comes from a God-fearing Christian perspective.Perhaps, while you'll here, you'll stop by that section, and check it out.I'm praying that this site will be a blessing, for all those, who come across it.

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