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Cojerdating powered by vbulletin

We walked along a river until we found a fine, secluded area.

I squirmed on his hand, and Morris said I’d better stop or else he’d come.

Either at a restaurant, or cook for me, or buy me a seller hot dog, anything.

We met just out of town, at a small park that wasn’t quite a tourist stop.

In this case the Property Grid relies on ISite to get its services (unlike most other designer components which rely entirely on IService Provider).

What is happening is that the internal classes that dispaly the Rule Condition dialogs is trying to find a service and can’t find it because the Site property of the Property Grid is null.

So Matt posted a link to a new updated example from the Workflow team – you can get it here This sample unfortunately has the same flaw that many of the samples using the Workflow Designer in a re-hosted (e.g. NET) situation have – is that the Rules editing dialogs are busted. So what has to happen to this sample to make this work? Site property must be set before the Property Grid is used.

Here is what happens in this designer when you click on the editor button in the property value field next to “Condition Name”: Hmm – I wonder what that means “Value cannot be null. The Property Grid, which is the control that is being used to display the properties of the Activity and hence is the container for the classes that help put up the Choose Rule Condition Dialog – aren’t setup correctly.

Any implementation will do – in this case – since the Control that is displaying the worklfow is also the Parent of the Property Grid – we can use that Control to provide the implementation of ISite – which is fairly simple.I climbed on top and pushed him inside me with one hard blow.I shall only go out with guys from Sex in Kentucky and when they supply food.When Morris answered my Sex in Kentucky profile and said he wanted to meet me, I called him and asked him what he’d bring.It was quite wonderful, and Morris was waiting underneath the park signal where he said he would be, having a great big basket plus a cooler.

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