Colored bread wrappers for dating freshness

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Next time you shop for bread, you may see two or three colors of twist ties.Each baker might use their own color system, as there are certainly no regulations to make them use a particular code.B is for blue which is Monday, G is for green which is Tuesday, R is for red which is Friday, etc.The easiest thing to do is to simply match the color to the day of the week you are shopping, and failing that to the day closest.You probably haven’t realized, though, that the same bread manufacturer will use several different colors of ties on the same loaves of bread.Unlike less perishable items, bread is delivered to grocery stores by bakers several days a week.But, did you know that there is a more sure-fire way to determine the freshness of bread?You may have noticed that the twist ties used to close loafs of bread come in different colors.

The problem is not all bread is meant to be extremely soft and sometimes the firmness, as a test of freshness, is ambiguous.

When this happens, you want the date to be as far in the future as possible.

When a company uses twist ties all of one color, the date will be printed somewhere on the bag.

Ever wonder when that loaf of bread sitting on the grocery shelf was actually baked? With expiration dates and sell by dates still fresh on our minds, this article on "Breaking the Bread Code" from Wise Bread caught our eye.

They explain that those twisty-ties holding the bag closed are actually color-coded to indicate the day the bread was baked.

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So, on Wednesday, you want to buy green to get bread baked the day before.

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