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Consolidating a dispatch center

Crete Mayor Mike Einhorn, who is chairing this transition team, said their group does not officially exist until bylaws have been approved and intergovernmental agreements have been signed with all 30 communities.

For over 50 years the Village has operated its own E9-1-1 Dispatch center for emergency calls within the Village’s corporate limits with Fire and Ambulance calls answered by the Regional Emergency Dispatch (RED) Center, which is a dispatch center consisting of 15 municipalities, since 2002.An independent agency screened all three applicants — including Pam Buzan, director of Eastern Will County Communications Center (EASCOM), and Alex Szalinski, director of the Will County's sheriff's dispatch center — and recommended Veerman to the committee, he said. Groundbreaking could be later this summer with a completion date in 2018.With the state mandating that Will County consolidate its dispatch centers to three from six, Will County will add space for the new dispatch center when it builds a new sheriff's office facility at U. It will include police and fire agencies now served by EASCOM, such as Crete, Beecher, Peotone and University Park.Police services are not being considered for change and residents are not anticipated to notice much of a difference.The consolidation will result in a reduction in hours the front desk is staffed and where 911 calls are answered.

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Given that the participating towns created committees to decide issues of building design, finances, bylaws, operations and personnel, she said, "We all realized we needed to know who was in charge.

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