Cupid com dating scams

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Cupid com dating scams

He says the fraudsters want you to check them out on sites like Facebook–but the question isn’t whether it’s a real person, it’s whether that person is the person you’ve been talking to.The BBB warns that online dating opens the window of opportunity for scammers, whether that be through fake profiles or requests for money.Here are some tips from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and the BBB of Southern Alberta to avoid becoming a victim: Other tell-tale signs include when people try to avoid meeting in person, claim they live far away unless you agree to pay for their trip to see you, or communicate in broken English.Anti-fraud experts emphasize you should never send money, even if you feel close to the person you’ve been talking to.“If you receive a ‘pay cheque’ or another form of payment from someone you’ve met online and they ask you to cash it and send a portion of the funds back to them – don’t do it!

Williams says the “gangs” use templates when they are e-mailing their intended victims, especially in the early stages of the scam – which can actually take several months depending on the gang.It may sound like common sense, but older singles who may not be as familiar with certain websites could be vulnerable to such scams in their quest for love.READ MORE: Lessons learned by seniors from online dating scams Williams says the overall majority of victims are people between 40 and 69 years of age, who may be coming out of a long-term marriage through divorce or being widowed.“People who aren’t in a relationship can feel lonely or excluded from this holiday, so they turn to online dating sites to make a quick connection with someone,” said BBB of Southern Alberta CEO Sandra Crozier-Mc Kee.Basically, their evaluation of me was that I was too good to be true. My experience with the other girls on the site was similar…the girls want men with money even if they say differently.” Um, well, yes, the hint is in the name.

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Some of your matches given to you, you would run the hell away from rather than try you get to know. the only disadvantage is most of them are looking to get married It should be said, however, if you can stand the registration process which is long and detailed and IF you want to marry a traditional kinda girl – they are there in droves looking for a husband.