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In person, Castro is charismatic without trying too hard.On this day he had a busy schedule ahead, filled with more media interviews and a flight to Mexico with his wife and 5-month-old daughter, Simone.Is anyone truly surprised that Vanessa is dead last?

Tried to come between Chuck and Blair which in and of itself is unacceptable, but also confessed that he didn't love Blair and forced her to pay a dowry after their marriage fell apart. Nicer in her earlier episodes, but becomes the scorned wife of Trip and therefore blackmails Lily to keep Serena away from her husband.For years they have known of the Mexican pop star’s life, one that has been the subject of tabloid stories ever since he was a baby.He is the son of two famous parents who never married.Her wide rimmed glasses may possibly be the most annoying thing about her.Bree Buckley and Nate hit it off on a plane and then found out their families were political rivals.

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His mother is the popular television personality Veronica Castro. Ten years ago, Castro sat down for an interview during a promotional tour for one of his early albums.