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But when it comes to whether she’ll see you as boyfriend material, thoughtfulness takes on a whole other meaning.

”) or constantly calling, texting, and emailing a woman.

Firstly, you can’t always blame the girl and assume she’s leading you on and toying with you.

And if she isn’t doing that, well, you need to take it slow and read her mind better. She gets intimate or flirty while talking over the phone or while texting you.

Sometimes, she may even compare her boyfriend to you and say you’re a much better guy! But when she’s with her boyfriend, she’s more reserved and shy and doesn’t talk much. Her boyfriend may not be giving her enough attention, or he may be a bad boyfriend who doesn’t treat her right. They may have a perfect relationship with their own boyfriend, but they still want more. The girl you like may really like you, and she may love your attention too.

[Read: What you need to do when a friend’s girlfriend starts giving you her attention] 6 reasons why a girl may flirt with you even if she has a guy Girls and guys are pretty similar when it comes to attraction. But while a guy with a girlfriend tries to woo a girl, he does it because he wants to win her fancy or he’s sexually attracted to her. She wants your attention and she wants you to like her because she likes it. A girl with a boyfriend may want your attention just to convince herself that she’s still sexy and all that, and hot enough to win your attention. Perhaps, her boyfriend’s attention isn’t enough for her. But she’s dating a guy and she doesn’t want to lose him because she does think he’s a great guy too.

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if you’re thinking about her when she’s not around, don’t waste her time trying to become her boyfriend). Any high-wire artist will tell you that success is a delicate balancing act.