Dating and breaking

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Three of those are Wrangler Pro Rodeo Tour events – Nampa, Idaho; Salinas, Calif.; and Spanish Fork, Utah.

On Tuesday members of the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates and the American Wild Horse Campaign delivered around 170,000 petition signatures from people “across the world,” according the groups’ press release, to BLM State Director Michael Courtney.“It’s done by 100 percent volunteers with 100 percent donations.The groups also want the agency to “leave all family bands intact.” “People come from all over the world to see our horses.“As of March 1 there was a wild horse population of about 775 horses [in the Pine Nut Herd Management Area], and the high appropriate management level is 179.” (Fish Springs is located just outside of the management area, but the horses filter back and forth over the boundary, according to Lesieutre.) Lesieutre says there is not enough water and food in the Fish Springs habitat to support the current population.It’s true across Nevada, which at last count has 44,000 wild horses — nearly three and a half times what the agency has determined as the high appropriate management level.

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None of it would have been possible without these brave women standing up and speaking out, though ...

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