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These dogs are 15inches tall,so a good size and they have the most lovely expressions,that will enhance any room with their Victorian elegance. She may have been used as a mantel spill,as there has been a basket on her back that has been knocked off,however it does not spoil the figure on display as you cannot see it. Very nice intense flow blue Ringtons tea/biscuit caddy in celebration of the Millenium.

The item was made by the famous Wade pottery,and is in perfect condition,showing various views of Castles etc.

Not before time either,let us bring colour and laughter back into our homes. Here we have a beautiful matching pair of Staffordshire Comforter dogs.

The Toby boys are lustred on the edges,and any collector would love these,no damage,no repairs, just a tiny paint loss on one. ----- Original Message ----- From: XXXXXXXXXXX To: Dianne - Glamorgan Antiques Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2011 PM Subject: Re: Staffordshire Dogs Dear Dianne, The Staffordshire Dogs have arrived safe and sound ! The facial expression is everything,and, as you can see these wistful eyes will bring a quiet ambience to any room they look out over.

They measure 10inches tall and would look elegant in any room. Handsome pair of copper lustre jugs with a blue,figures band in relief. There is a small old chip on the rim of one jug and on the other there is a small slither chip,as you can see they display beautifully with no cracks or repairs.. For sale at £43 the pair,including post in the UK.. Whoever buys these will be pleased Very nice large Victorian jug in beautiful condition.

With best wishes, Really lovely Victorian Staffordshire Comforter Spaniels,made in Staffordshire c1875. Classic moulding,first class,showing a hunting scene. The lid is perfect with no buckling and the handle is a great shape too. They can sit on our home dresser until sold :) £120 the pair. SHE IS QUITE TALL 10 INCHES WITH NO FADE OF COLOURS AS YOU CAN SEE.The jugs are large,capacious and really make a statement.They were made in Staffordshire c1890,so well over 100 years old and in pristine order.One of Delftware's main features is its distinct blue and white coloration, made when manganese purple is combined with a blue underglaze.Another influence on the pottery was French motifs.

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