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If you would rather network in person and make new friends, Meetup is a good option to consider. You can search one of the thousands of local groups already meeting, or create your own. It is possible to set any criteria, so, you can gather a small or large group who are passionate about something specific.

If you are interested in visiting museums, for example, you can call your group “Women Who Love Museums in (your city).” Or, you can join an existing group.

The good news is that there are many online networking groups for women over 60.

Whether you are looking for a job, seeking a book or writing club or just want to meet other people, here are 6 useful networking groups for women over 60.

The main goal is to provide support for women who are still working or retired from business and who want to stay connected with higher education and skills development.

It is one of the best networking groups for women over 60 if you want to get together in person locally.

You can go here to see examples of Meetup women’s groups already organized.

Their Linked In group is full of fascinating women who have a passion for supporting women of all ages in business pursuits.

In my view, it is one of the most useful online networking groups for women of all ages.

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It is a bit like Meetup, but, it also has an online discussion forum if you want to connect with women in other parts of the country online. I joined myself to see just how it worked, and got lovely invitations and conversations from women around the United States.

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