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I am excited that both of them, in September, will be at the Ultimate pick-up convention!Hosted and headlined by none other than the man who started it all, author of the Mystery Method, and star of the VH-1 television show, “The Pick-up Artist”, Mystery.Some of the problems caused by ice are floods induced by ice jams, clogging of water intakes and trash racks by frazil ice, severe impediment to winter navigation, and damage to coastal and offshore structures by moving ice.On the positive side, stable ice covers have extensively been used for transportation, recreational activities, landing of aircraft and working platforms, and also ice is a source of clear drinking water.There are widgets to stick on your home-screen and conveniently monitor without opening the app itself.Of course, you can also share your water intake with friends on social media, and even input your water intake through an Android Wear device.Activities range from river and maritime hydraulics to water resources development and eco-hydraulics, through to ice engineering, hydroinformatics, and hydraulic machinery.In cold regions, the effects of ice on human activities can be either harmful or beneficial.

There is a need to investigate the ice failure process in bending, crushing, fracture and buckling.

In countries having a moderately cold climate, the existence of ice is limited to short periods of a few weeks per year, but unexpected winter conditions can cause severe ice-related problems, such as interruption of navigation, ice-jam induced floods, ice damage to bridges, coastal structures, hydropower plants and other hydraulic structures, ice blockage of water intakes, etc.

Research and engineering efforts are mainly directed toward a better understanding of ice and how best to manage it.

At times, however, mishaps during these activities have resulted in loss of life.

So, a major goal of ice engineering is to protect life and property against the harmful effects of ice by understanding ice phenomena and processes.

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I am super excited because this weekend marked my first threesome and it has been a non-stop progression of improving my game to a level it has never been before.