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Dating datexp

There might be situations when you may need to determine the installation date and time of Windows OS in your computer system. So many times the date and time of folder creation will not be the installation date and time of Windows but it'll be the date and time when Microsoft created the Windows image for the setup. You can check out the folder creation date of your user account folder which is present in "Documents and Settings" or "Users" folder.

Just run following command in Command Prompt: systeminfo | find /i "date" It'll only show the Windows installation date and time information. Now go to following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version 3.

We are discovering whether we are old, very old or very, very old; A team of volunteer archaeologists is unearthing bodies in a Midland burial ground.

If you're upgrading from Windows 8 or Windows 7, make sure you've applied all the updates available for that version of Windows before starting the upgrade. The Start Menu in Windows 8 was a lot to deal with for a lot of people.

Instead of a menu like the one seen in prior versions of Windows, the Start Menu in Windows 8 is fullscreen and features live tiles.

Windows 10 reverted back to a Windows 7-style Start Menu but also includes smaller tiles - the perfect mix of both.

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