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Dating hillerich bradsby

This beautiful bat features many dark colored rings.

The bat measures 34 inches long, and features a mark at the beginning of barrel reading ROUGH RIDER.

Circa 1920's Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger Model 250 Goose Goslin Signature Model bat. This bat features a strong Safe Hit No 15 brand marking, and has a Professional decal at the barrel end, with approximately 50% of the decal remaining. Very Rare 1950's Louisville Slugger 125 Hoyt Wilhelm Player Model Fungo Baseball Bat.

Measuring 32.5 inches, the bat features Goslin's facsimile signature on the end of the barrel. The bat may have some minor cracks on the handle, and a small chip from the handle but is in otherwise very nice condition. Fungo bats do not show up often and this is a great example.

This great looking bat measures just over 34 inches long, and features 2 thin rings at the middle of its barrel, as well as 2 longitudinal black lines running its length.

The bat measures 33 inches long, and has a very nice patina. A neat early Babe Ruth bat.1920's Babe Ruth Special Louisville Slugger 40 BRS Baseball Bat. The bat features a strong Ruth facsimile signature on the barrel and has strong branding.

Its large bulbous mushroom knob is in beautiful condition, and the bat has a substantial weight and overall has a very nice patina. The bat has a very thick handle, and measures in at 30 inches. This attractive baseball bat features a strong Reach logo, and a red ring at its barrel end.

There is a small T carved into the barrel of the bat, and there is a 2 inch long chip at the end on the side opposite the Spalding mark. The knob has a lathe mark, and the bat has a very attractive wood grain.

The bat is a well made bat, constructed of multi-colored strips of wood. The bat does exhibit some use with the occasional cleat mark, some mild grain splitting, and a small chip/area of wood loss where the handle meets the knob.

The bat has a burned in identifier reading Made By W. These early spline bats are very hard to find, and this is a beautiful example.

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It's been theorized that this bat was made at the time of the Spanish American War to capitalize on the fame of Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Rider war heroes.