Dating old tintypes

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Athon, Gary & Margaret Bandy, Gerry and Clara Black, Tricia Bunocore, Brian Butcher's Antiques The Cat's Meow (Bill & Brenda Roush) Corbett, Joe & Joanne Crump, Linda Curio Cabinet Antiques Daugherty, Jim Daugherty, Bob & Sharon English Rose Anqiues & Interiors Fitzpatrick, Mike Garrison, Jeff Gorrell, Brian Prebble, Charles & Betty Rahimi, Hassain Renfro, Fran Sheeler, Jim Smith, Ann Smith, Virginia Stanley, Jennifer Steele, Elaine Travis, Jack Vanbidder, Patty Van Meter, Holly Vickers, Cleat and Diane Ward, Herman & Meg Wilborn, Bill & Gail Williams, Andy more coming ....

Athon, Gary & Margaret Gary & Margaret Athon are the owners of The Spice of Life Antiques in Lexington, KY.

That realization has brought her to a point of dealing not just in antiques, but in the antiques of the future.

These include beautiful handturned pens and compositions sets, bowls, ornaments, peppermills, and his exclusive perfume atomizers. Newly selected as a Fenton Dealer, The Spice of Life Antiques will be able to offer you the newest, cutting edge offerings by Fenton Art Glass, USA.

Sparkling Fenton International, It's a Colorful Life, High Relief Fused Glass, Fenton Traditional and the new line of Fenton jewelry are available as supplies last! Prussia, Art Glass Antiques, Dolls, Objects De Art. He can also be found at 137 Frankfort Street Versailles, KY (859) 873-4638.

The joy of finding a particularly handsome, unique, or well done piece, and having a venue from which to make that piece available to someone who would also enjoy it is what the business is about for Nancy.

In her space, you will see sterling, fine china, crystal, ethnic art, linens, fine art reproductions, and originals, antiques both old and new, maybe even a window treatment, or one of her own pastel paintings.

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Stop by and see their booth at the show, contact them at (859) 420-1626Charles & Becky of Lexington, KY have been dealing in Unique and Affordable Antiques for 30 Years. They offer cupboards, pie-safes, dry sinks, stools, quilts, vintage country painted accessories, and that very unique item. Wells has been running one of Woodford County's oldest antique shops for 42 years. James, Harold Yesterday Goodness, owned by Harold James for over 20 years. Just Jo's Antiques and Collectibles, owned by Jo and Paul Stewart, are located in Lexington, Kentucky, 859.338.6101.

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