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Dating signals from women

As difficult as dating can seem, connecting with a woman should feel natural, not like a mind game.

Lastly, if you like her and don’t feel like saying goodbye yet, communicate how you feel while trying to ignite or reignite the spark and attraction. Also be sure that you are not guilty of sending mixed messages as a method to protect yourself from the fear of getting attached or hurt.

She enjoys the fact that she can get any man she wants.

She likes the validation, the positive reaction which assures that she’s attractive, and the fun of flirting; she enjoys it and assumes you do, too. She’s almost a pro at making guys swoon over her, making them feel like she likes them.

Assess how she treats you while being aware about how she treats those around her.

Also be sure not to turn her “no thanks” attitude into convincing yourself she is interested or that she will be in time. It is natural to be confused or fearful about relationships at times.

A mature woman who likes you and is genuinely interested in getting to know you will make sure you know she is interested.

Whether she acts interested but breaks dates with you, will only go out with you in the company of her friends, contacts you multiple times a day and then leaves you hanging or needs to reschedule but is unwilling to give you a specific date or time, I can certainly understand why you feel confused and frustrated. She may be interested in several guys at the same time (and waver on who is at the top of her list). Regardless of why she is affectionate, interested or attentive and then completely unavailable or silent, you have the power to make choices that work for you.If you are only looking for green lights, your mind can lead you to believe a smile from her is a sure sign you’re the one.This could lead you to hear what you want to hear or believe what you want while missing her clear signals.Or maybe you are reading into her signals more than you should.She may smile at you, but that does not mean she is into you.

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If you are interested in her, you are absolutely allowed to be cautious or anxious.

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