Dating single serviced up 24 100 2016

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However, your results are likely to vary based on the equipment you use and the features and functionality that you implement for your sites.This article contains information to help you understand the tested performance and capacity limits of Share Point Server 2013, and offers guidelines for how limits relate to acceptable performance.An example of a supported limit is the number of site collections per farm.The supported limit is the largest number of site collections per web application that met performance benchmarks during testing.This pie is divided into slices that represent load from a variety of sources: user requests, search queries, operations against installed features, timer jobs and operating system overhead.

The size of the pie is therefore related to the overall resources of the farm; adding resources (such as farm servers) increases the size of the pie.

Obviously, if some services are operating under parameters that are higher than those used for limits testing, the maximum effective limits of other services will be reduced.

It is therefore important to execute rigorous capacity management and scale testing exercises for specific deployments in order to establish effective limits for that environment.

Note: We do not describe the hardware that was used to validate the limits in this document, because the limits were collected from multiple farms and environments.

In order to understand the relationship between hardware resources, load and performance, it's important to have a way to visualize the factors involved and how they affect each other.

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Adding servers to the installation might not increase the capacity limits of the objects that are listed in the tables in the Limits and boundaries section later in this topic.