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So put on a smile and a sexy stance when you head out on the town.

No man (or woman) is worth giving up your goals — ever.

If you complain or preach about your clean eating plan, you could make him feel bad about his own food choices.

You may also want to avoid uncomfortable discussions about your size.

There are plenty of ways to eat less in a restaurant, like choosing the right spot for your table or making good menu choices.

You can also use the 80/20 rule to enjoy a few indulgences without derailing your diet. Your date might not care about your weight, but he probably will care if he has to pick you up off the floor and shovel you into a cab at the end of the evening. So enjoy a drink if you like, but make smarter booze choices to keep your diet — and your date — on track.

I thought I was crazy when I kept seeing the Dreaded Fish Pics all the time, but every time I mentioned it to a female friend looking for men on a dating app lately, she confirmed it’s real.

Pick shots that emphasize your best features, but don’t show outdated or photoshopped “skinny” pics if they don’t reflect your current size.

In he gives the skinny on what men really think about your weight. There many other things that matter more to your guy than the inches on your belly or your hips.

But if you're still worried about how you look, don't worry.

But there are things you can do to boost your confidence and put your best foot forward.

It doesn’t matter that you are not at your perfect weight, because no one is perfect. So how do you present yourself with confidence if your heart isn't fully into it?

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If your date doesn't care about your weight, he probably also doesn't care about your diet.