Dendrogeomorphology review and new techniques of tree ring dating

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Dendrogeomorphology review and new techniques of tree ring dating

Head of the (2000 -) Former visiting scientist at the Swiss Federal Research Institute on Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), Birmensdorf (2009 - 2015) Vice President of the International Tree-Ring Society (2012 - 2015) Member of the Science and Technology Advisory Board of Interpraevent (2008 - ) Member of the Research Commission of the Swiss National Park of the Swiss Academy of Science (SCNAT) (2013 - ) Steering Commitee Member of the Natural Hazards Experts of Switzerland (FAN) (2014 - ) Steering Committee Member of the PAGES Floods working group (2015 - ) Secretary of ecoris Q - the International Association for Natural Risk Management (2014 - ) •Co-Editor-in-Chief of Geomorphology (2016 - ) •Associate Editor of Frontiers in Earth Sciences (2014 - ) •Associate Editor of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (2014 - ) • Editorial Board member of Boletin Geológico y Minero (Spain) (2014 - ) • Editorial Board member of Geography Compass (2014 - ) Tree-Ring Society• Mass-transfer processes in mountain regions (debris flows, rockfall, snow avalanches, flooding) • Past, contemporary and potential future activity of geomorphic processes and landscape evolution • Magnitude–frequency relationship and dynamics of mass movement processes • Tree-ring dating of geomorphic processes (dendrogeomorphology, dendroecology) • Alpine meteorology (precipitation, threshold exceedances, extreme events, climate change) • Media and communication sciences, text composing and publishing • Project management, fund raising, networking, PR•International Tree-Ring Society (TRS) José Boninsegna Frontiers in Dendrochronology Award for significant contributions to cutting-edge science in dendrochronology, Ameri Dendro Meeting, Mendoza (April 2016) •Denali Recent Accomplishment Award at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers in Chicago for an outstanding work on climate change impacts on mass movements in the Swiss Alps (April 2015).

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 17 , 291 304. Modeling rockfall frequency and bounce height from three - dimensional simulation process models and growth disturbances in submontane broadleaved trees. Oppenheimer, C., Wacker, L., Xu, J., Galvn, D., Stoffel, M., Guillet, S., Corona, C., Sigl, M., Di Cosmo, N., Hajdas, I., Pan, B., Breuker, R., Schneider, L., Esper, J., Fei, J., Hammond, J., Bntgen, U., 2017. J., Matczak, P., Quevauviller, P., Schellnhuber, H. Differences in projections of changes in flood hazard in Europe their causes and consequences for decision making. Science of the To tal Environment 574 , 1209 1216 . (2010): Debris-flow activity along a torrent in the Swiss Alps: Minimum frequency of events and implications for forest dynamics. [PDF] Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Diez-Herrero, A., Stoffel, M., Bollschweiler, M., Bodoque, J. (2010): Frequency and spread of debris floods on fans: a dendrogeomorphic case study from a dolomite catchment in the Austrian Alps. (2010): Debris-flow activity and snow avalanches in a steep watershed of the Valais Alps (Switzerland): dendrogeomorphic event reconstruction and identification of triggers. [PDF] Stoffel, M., Luetscher, M., Bollschweiler, M., Schlatter, F. ugopole bridge in the Czarny Dunajec River, Poland. Large wood clogging during floods in a gravel - bed river: T he D? Q uantifying soil erosion from hiking trail in a protected natural area in the Spanish Pyrenees. Favillier, A., Guillet, S., Morel, P., Corona, C., Lopez Saez, J., Eckert, N., Ballesteros Cnovas, J. Tree - ring based reconstruction of rockfalls at Cofre de Perote volcano, Mexico. Fazan, L., Guillet, S., Corona, C., Kozlowsk i , G., Stoffel, M ., 2017. Disentangling the impacts of exogenous disturbances on forest stands to assess multi - centennial tree - ring reconstructions of avalanche activity in the upper Goms Valley (Canton of Valais, Swit- zerland). Temporal dynamics of instream wood in headwater streams draining mixed Carpathian forest . Franco - Ramos, O., Stoffel, M., Vzquez - Selem, L., 2017.

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ga, B., Zawiejska, J., Hajdukiewicz, M., Stoffel, M., 2016. A., Stoffel, M., Czajka, B., Janecka, K., Kaczka R. Biographical sketch of a giant: deciphering recent debris - flow dynamics from Ohya landslide body (Japanese Alps). Accelerated glacier shrinkage in the Ak-Shyirak massif, Inner Tien Shan, during 2003–2013. (2016): Debris-flow risk analysis in a managed torrent based on a stochastic life-cycle performance. [PDF] Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Wyzga, B., Hajdukiewicz, H., Stoffel, M., 2016. (2011): Debris-flow activity in abandoned channels of the Manival torrent reconstructed with Li DAR and tree-ring data. [PDF] Corona, C., Lopez, J., Rovéra, G., Astrade, L., Stoffel, M., Berger, F. (2011): High resolution, quantitative reconstruction of erosion rates based on anatomical changes in exposed roots (Draix, Alpes de Haute-Provence) – critical review of existing approaches and independent quality control of results. [PDF] Corona, C., Rovéra, G., Lopez Saez, J., Stoffel, M., Perfettini, P.

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