Donghae dating yoona

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Or, another example, when I'm with many people I don't usually talk much, but when I'm with a friend that I feel comfortabe with I talk A LOT. An introvert is not necessarily shy or doesn't have things to talk about, that was my point.

He tried but in the end, he has to do what makes him happy. I prefer his solo work and Troublemaker over Beast. It's speculated that he and Junhyung fell out and everyone else took Junhyung's side. Honestly, I'm not sure there's anything she hasn't been blamed for at this point, so I'm not surprised at all to hear that people have somehow linked her to the troubles B2ST had in the past.

Pretty sure Hyunseung hated that song, but throughout the promotions he still carried on.

Everyone always says that Hyunseung never gave it his all, but if you looked at all of their 2015 stages every single member looked bored out of their minds.

Not on good terms with BB, the only member on friendly terms with BB is Heechul, so don’t expect any interaction between these two groups.

Article talks about an old February 9th episode of 'Radio Star' where Heechul and Shoo are talking about dating within the company. [ 17, -4] There are so many members in each group, it'd be weirder if they didn't develop feelings for at least one of them 5.

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Some people like to link it that to Hyuna, considering their reception to Now was... At some point he stopped playing up his weirdness for the camera. Honestly, I know nothing about Beast and what happened, but someone can be introverted and talk well/a lot.