Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating

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Drupal 7 feed aggregator not updating

This patch contains all important changes, works, but tests don't pass.

This is what's done: * Feed records are linked to nodes * Feed records don't contain neither title nor description - they live in node and node revision now. * UI on aggregator/* adjusted * Addresses all issues in #15 This is outstanding: * Fix tests * Improve UI on aggregator/* - we need a link from aggregator/sources/[id] back to node/[id] - don't know an elegant way yet.

Cron is where each module can can perform periodic tasks either required for the module's functionality, or for maintenance purposes.

What your site does during cron depends on the modules you've got installed and how you've got them configured.

Seems like much of the node hook implementations are for keeping track of categories, so I'd be interested to see if we could strip that out too.

If we decide to drop the classic category stuff, i think the next problem is that the feed items are not nodes, so taxonomy system and classic aggregator items need to be connected somehow. Is there any examples at Drupal core, where taxonomy is connected to some non-node stuff?

It would be expensive, it's not necessary for aggregator and if add-on modules need the feed node, they can load it with node_load($feed-I talked with Aron Novak about this and concluded that indeed feeds as nodes are a good idea.

* The 'categorize' tab shows up even if there are no categories defined and the UI on node/x/categorize does not offer the possibility to create a new category.Either way, that puts it very much out of scope for this issue. We do plan on having terms be 'fieldable objects' which means that one can attach custom fields to a term (e.g. I would not recommend postponing this patch in favor of fields api.Reading my post again I think it's being read the opposite way to how it was meant. There are several problems with this patch, though: * It defines its own static node type, there is no way to create additional feed content types.You might want to attach an image (like a screenshot of the site you are following).Even an event could make sense if you are following, well, an event.

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I cannot get RSS feed to show on Drupal 7.14 page, feed does not show any items.

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