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Enc updating service transas

Transit Folios These are designed to provide all the coverage needed for a vessel to pass safely through a region when not engaging in local trade, saving you the expense of purchasing detailed coverage for regions that you are just passing through, whilst including more coverage to negotiate the choke points such as the Suez Canal and Malacca Strait.AVCS Transit Folio Overview | Example Transit Folio Regional Folios These cover a much smaller geographical area than Transit Folios and include all Coastal and some Approach ENCs, where coastal coverage is not available.Folios AVCS is sold in a series of Folios, which are geographic collections of ENCs selected for a specific purpose (e.g. They are designed to make ordering, maintenance and licensing as easy and flexible as possible.Each Folio is automatically maintained for any relevant changes to ENC coverage.Transas Admiralty Data Service (TADS) which is an official SENC service will be supplied to the part of the fleet.

For local inspection the UKHO certificate is supplied as a digital file that can be easily printed, or viewed through ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station.

Example Port Folios Chart by Chart Hand-pick individual ENC chart coverage that meets the specific requirements of your Fleet to ensure precise coverage of your shipping routes.

All ENCs in AVCS can be selected on a chart-by-chart basis as ENC Units.

The Overlay, brings the latest navigational updates from Admiralty to an ECDIS or ECS to help make digital navigation safer, more efficient and fully compliant.

Available from Admiralty, the Overlay is now compatible with both Transas and Seven Cs systems.

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