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Ermeni seksleri

The first movie exhibited in the Ottoman Empire was the Lumiere Brothers' 1895 film, L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat, which was shown in Istanbul in 1896.The first Turkish-made film was a documentary entitled Ayastefanos'taki Rus Abidesinin Yıkılışı (Demolition of the Russian Monument at San Stefano), directed by Fuat Uzkınay and completed in 1914.This system became the financial foundation of Yeşilçam (often referred to as "Turkish Hollywood"), which was the heart of Turkish film production between the years 1955–1975.After 1965, a so-called "Combined System" (Kombine Sistem) led by a trust of regional leaders is said to have taken control of almost everything regarding production.

Domestically produced films constituted only a small fraction of the total number of films screened in Turkey prior to the 1950s.Film production in Turkey increased drastically after World War II.With a total of 49 films produced in 1952, this single year equaled a greater output produced in Turkey than all previous years combined.) is the sobriquet that refers to the Turkish film art and industry.It is an important part of Turkish culture, and has flourished over the years, delivering entertainment to audiences in Turkey, expatriates across Europe, and more recently prospering in the Arab world and in rare cases, the United States.

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However, the notable developments of these companies must be seen as necessary adaptations to the technological progress of the western film industries whose films they were importing.

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