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However, in 1941, during World War II, retreating Soviet troops blew up the central tower and it was not repaired until after Estonia regained its independence, in 1990-1993.

A total of 5324 authors participated from 189 schools.The conference “Network, Data and People”, held in Tartu on 4th October 2013 celebrated 20 years of the Estonian academic network.The Estonian Education and Research Network, the Estonian Maritime Academy and the Estonian Maritime Museum organised a computer drawing competition.Exhibition of all pictures The main goal of this project is to create a modern high-speed optical network for Estonian research and development institutions. Participants of the project consortium were University of Tartu, Tallinn Technical University, Estonian Education and Research Network (EENet) of HITSA and National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics.The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project started on 1 July 2011 and was carried out until 31 March 2014.

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