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The Gurage grow enset, 'false banana', whose root, stem and leaf stalks provide a carbohydrate which, after lengthy preparation, can be made into porridge or unleavened bread.

The Cushitic Oromo, formerly nomadic pastoralists, are now mainly engaged in agriculture and, in the more arid areas, cattle-breeding.

Each woman is beautiful in her own natural way and displays how strikingly beautiful Ethiopian women can be.

The traditional dress of the Christian highland peasantry has traditionally been of white cotton cloth.Located on the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, Ethiopia is bordered by countries such as Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, and the Sudan.Ethiopia is home to a rich and beautiful culture steeped in history.In the heat of the lowland plains, light cotton cloths are all that is required by men and women alike.Traditional dress, though often now supplanted by Western attire, may still be seen throughout much of the countryside.

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National dress is usually worn for festivals, when streets and meeting-places are transformed into a sea of white as finely woven cotton dresses, wraps decorated with coloured woven borders, and suits are donned.

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