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He has the same values, owns a motorcycle, is no couch potato.... Then ...the bottom of his profile he states that he doesn't like cats but will tolerate them if it is important to his partner. Truthfully I thank him for his honesty as I would have been very disappointed if we had gone out and that info was revealed over dinner.

I never felt the need to date even when I was young.

Take some poor unsuspecting person out and let THEM experience your blandness also!! Whether or not we "click" and it developes into something else... After 15 years and several relationships of various flavors, intensities and durations I pretty much feel like I have seen and done it all.

If I want to go out just for the sake of going out... Although I still go out regularly, I try not to get too involved with anyone who I believe is not "the one". The above seem to assume that a) I would be sitting home and b) I haven't created an interesting lifestyle full of friends and fun.

I think you can go out and do things with friends, family or by yourself if you want to "do something".

I guess I never thought of dating as option like that. I know when I was younger I had some friends who viewed dating as a recreational activity..didnt have to like the other person to go out with them.would go just to have a date.

The funny thing was, I actually had better times and conversations with the ones I knew there wasn't going to be anything with than I did with the ones I was hoping I would click with. I really just don't want to go out for the sake of going out anymore. Dating from the internet is almost as bad as a blind date, even if you've spoken to the person on the phone. Unless they have an absolute deal breaker in their profile - like hates pets, or only here for sex LOL - how would I know whether we would suit each other or not?

And since I'm really not into the internet anymore as a means of meeting somebody, I'm not likely soon to even ask anybody out for a 'date', even if she has the most awesome profile I've ever read. The date is always different once you see them in person and go out with them. I checked my ESP at the door when I joined POF, and I need to get to know people before I can say whether we would suit each other or not. I'm in this questionable place (POF) for a couple of different reasons.

So since you are now 45 plus..you consider going out on a date with someone you know ahead of time that you wont work with in the long run with?I have to at least think there might be a little mutual attraction before I agree to meet anyone.I also won't continue to see someone if I feel it won't work in the long run.That they might not be the right person for us but it is better than not going and sitting home.Personally I would hate the idea that someone knew ahead of time they werent really interested in me but they just wanted to go out on a date tonight.

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