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Fantasia dating a married man

In addition to continuing to date at least two to three other men at all times until you are feeling comfortable committing, here is how to handle a man. This means that he and his ex-wife a) filed for divorce, which requires a public legal document, b) waited the mandatory waiting period for that state (it can be 60 days up to a full year), c) took care of any custody and financial issues, d) submitted these to the court and e) the court approved the dissolution of the marriage -- also public information.

If it is finalized, you can ask to see the final document or even check with the court where it was filed. Step 2 -- If he says that he is getting divorced or separated, this is crucial, ask "When did you file for divorce with the court." This is so important. Filing for divorce means that both the husband and the wife have been notified that a divorce is in the process.

If you do file, I'm willing to see you socially during the daytime without physical touch until your divorce is final." This helps you to not bond or be too devastated if he does go back to his wife, realize he doesn't want to break up his family, lose custody of their pets, or decides he needs some "me time" after you have been his shoulder to cry on for his divorce.

It also helps you to see how serious his intentions are with you.

If he does this, he is a selfish, dishonorable, immature boy who will most likely cheat on you one day when he is unhappy.

Spending non-physical time with him in the daytime is socializing and getting to know each other.

I'm going to address this directly to women to avoid mental, emotional and physical trauma.

If he has filed, you can ask to see a copy of the front page of the filing with the official stamp and also check with the court before you decide to see him at all. Step 3 -- If he hasn't filed for divorce I do not recommend spending any time with him at all.He is full blown married and if you have good chemistry with him, you will bond and he will be unavailable and you just entered into a mess.You deserve a great guy like that, but one who can be there for you. 'I'm very flattered that you want to date me however I am not comfortable even socializing with you until I see a copy of your divorce filing.As most articles I write, I do not know if what is being reported is true about Fantasia Barrino, however I am going to talk about it as if it is were true to discuss an important issues.How to date a married man and not be miserable or get hurt.

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“By planning her baby shower for that day, both Antwaun and Fantasia are showing complete disregard for Paula,” the source said.