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Carter made her public television debut on Lew King's Talent Show at age 5.

During high school, Carter performed in a band called Just Us, consisting of a marimba, a conga drum, an acoustic guitar, and a stand-up bass played by another girl.

So dealing with someone having that picture up in their... living room or whatever I think would be hard for anyone to deal with.

During production of the 2017 Wonder Woman feature film, director Patty Jenkins approached Carter to appear in a cameo role in the film, as Carter confirmed, "Patty asked me to do a cameo in this.My husband said, "Oh, try this thing tied up here, it'll look beautiful".And the photographer said "the back-lighting is really terrific".In 2017, Carter explained her perspective of portraying the Diana Prince/Wonder Woman character.Carter says she got the role back in 1975 largely because she looked the part, which was both a blessing and – as one of the show's producers warned her – a curse: "Oh, women are going be so jealous of you"... They won’t be, because I am not playing her that way.

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In 1981 during an interview on the NBC television special Women Who Rate a 10, she said: It's uncomfortable because I just simply took a photograph.

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