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Free hookup sites with free messaging

Needless to say, when it came to finding love once again, online dating was about the only available avenue at my disposal.

Reviews of Zoosk I had read online rated it a cut or two above others of its caliber, mainly on grounds of its superior ease of usage.

Meanwhile, my ex and her new lover are happy as two birds in a tree while I'm still struggling.

I rip my own hair out knowing that with what I spent on this subscription, I could have filled my car's gas tank two if not three times.

So, in an earnest attempt to be more flexible than I'm credited with being, and attempting to adhere to an occasional suggestion, I purchased a six-month membership.

Instead they pay 100 monkeys to create junk that has their name on it!

Took part in 'carousel' to help determine my 'type' a few times, kept getting basically same types to reject. Lots of smiles and hearts, but absolutely not one single person actually interested in something actual -- which tells me it's a scam.

My first choice would have been to sign up with a professional introduction service, since my past experiences with online dating have hardly been gainful ones, but the admission cost was not within parameters of my personal budget at the time.

Options were limited however, since I work in a male-dominated profession, have very limited social life, and am not churchgoing (nor do I want to be).

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They even charge you extra to see if members you've messaged have received or read your messages to them, I kid you not.

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