Friends first then dating

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"I resented it, because when all my friends were out playing, I felt like I had all these adult responsibilities...

Madonna was still at school when she made her trips to Detroit gay clubs. "Just leaving Rochester, our safe little haven, and to see the world in Detroit's eyes, would be so different," says Drayton.

Achievement and approval were important to her, but she also cultivated a rich inner life, and at 16 Madonna took a sudden left turn, drifting away from the school "jocks" to ballet, bohemianism and existentialism.

"There was a real transformation," recalls former schoolfriend Kim Drayton.

"And suddenly when I went to the gay club, I didn't feel that way any more.

I had a whole new sense of myself." In the mid-1970s, it was a subculture that was pre-Aids, yet buoyed up by Gay Liberation campaigns.

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Car manufacturing industries were beginning to pull out, and there were strong social divisions.

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