Fuckchat de

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Fuckchat de

Use your other hand and repeat the motion, sliding the palm of your hand along the penis shaft in a one fluid movement and over the penis.Once you find a rhythm of moving each palm, hand over fist, each time pulling the hands away from and off your cock, one hand following the other. Vary the grip around your penis and try jacking the penis with hand over fist movements, masturbating quickly and slowly.If you’re left-handed, you’ll hold your scrotum from the opposite (right side).

The perineum builds great sexual sensations when touched and felt.

Slip your finger downward to this very sensitive area.

With your first hand, jerk your cock in a top to bottom motion.

Slide the palms forward and backward along the shaft, similar to rubbing a stick in kindling.

Move the palms up and down to increase the sensation of pleasure with the palms and fingers flat.

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